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We have more than 20 years of professional experience.

F. Stephan Auch - your expert in professional communication

The journalist, who holds a degree in regional sciences, studied economic policy, political science, Spanish and history in Cologne and Madrid. As a business journalist, he is a passionate communications advisor for enterprises.

Here you can find some practical examples of our editorial work.

Five advantages of public relations:

  • inform customers about the benefits of your products and services even if they are complex
  • point out the capabilities of your enterprise: as a provider of solutions, as advisor or even as a partner
  • attract attention in a more credible and convincing manner than by advertising
  • evoke sympathy, create confidence and strengthen your employees' loyalty = corporate identity
  • a reliable way to success in the long term

auchkomm: Corporate communication for medium-sized enterprises

auchkomm is an agency for public relations that is run by its owner with the aim of supporting medium-sized companies by drafting, conceiving, planning and carrying out the steps of successful press work and high-quality public relations.

The company is based in Nuremberg in Bavaria, about 2 hours drive away from Frankfurt, Munich and Stuttgart.

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